Pet Friendly

Prevelly Villas – “Doggie Rules”

Dear Guests,

Maximum 2 dogs and allowed indoors. Please  be respectful house friendly pet owners. We provide a doggie basket with towel, sheets, poo bags and leads. The cafes nearby are pet friendly, with dogs on a lead, and the beaches along the front of our houses are dog beaches. NOTE: FULLY ENCLOSED YARDS at the beachfront house,and single level houses  4 and fenced areas at the double level house along the front and side of the house.


Rather than charge extra fees, we would like to request the following from you.

  1. It is compulsory to vacuum the house before you leave to remove dog hair and beach sand, using the vaccum cleaner in the house.
  2. Give your dog a drying out time outside, even it if means leashing them to a post to allow beach sand to deposit outside. There is a brush outside to help remove beach sand.
  3. Remove dog ‘poo’ on lawns  using the bags and poo scooper provided.
  4. Please use the dog blankets and sheets provided to protect our furniture.Any damage will be charged to your credit card.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE DOGS ALLOWED IN OR NEAR BEDROOMS. You may need to close the bedroom doors to stop dogs going into bedrooms.

AND-if your dog is “unhappy”,causing a disturbance by barking or howling while you are out,we need to ask you to keep your dog with you at all times.


Dog Yards at Houses

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